Moto g3 frp unlock done 6.0.1



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Moto g3 frp unlock done 6.0.1

Post by .net on Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:06 am

!. Charge phone up to 100%, keep charger connected.
2. Start the phone, connect to WiFi, get to the last screen open Google keyboard settings (long press @ on bottom left).
3. Go to Text correction then Personal dictionary.
4. Chose any language, press + on top right to add new record.
5. Input anything, long press on it to select all and again long press for menu, click on Share with Messaging.
6. Send the new message to emergency number 112
7. Press the call icon that just appeared on the top right part of the screen
8. you show call keypad then delete 112 type *#*#4636#*#* new window open then go to Usage statistics then press back arrow on the top of left screen
9. You are now in the phone's settings
10. go to about then build number press 7 times for enable developer go to developer options enable USB DEBUGGING open miracle nd go to android option select motorola frp reset option and click start restart and done.....

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