HDBox-Version1.7 released-[03/03/2017]



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HDBox-Version1.7 released-[03/03/2017]

Post by .net on Mon Mar 06, 2017 8:14 am

Software and additional downloads

Friday March 03, 2017 – 3.718.144 bytes
Managment software V1.7 for HD-Box,
+ Extended the list of devices & firmwares supported by HDBox manager, + Improved functionality of the virtual keyboard for both IOS and Android,
+ Added mouse zone to virtual keyboard for Android,
+ Improved overall aspect of the virtual keyboard,
+ Added new iMac & MacBook tab for extended operations regarding apple computers:
– Can read the SPI FLASH directly, or load a dump from file
– Can display detailed info about the EFI Image
– Can help fix Intel Management Engine issues ( Macs not starting, or restarting all the time)
– Can instantly show firmware password for 2011 and early macs
– Can remove the firmware password for later mac models
– Can write to SPI FLASH directly, or can save as a new file
+ Added link towards our support section hosted at in About & Update tab

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