J320az Unlocked Done



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J320az Unlocked Done

Post by .net on Sun Oct 16, 2016 8:29 am

1. Power on the phone.
2. Connect the phone to PC with USB cable.
3. Check Samsung modem in device manager, install drivers if needed.
4. Press 'Unlock' button. 

Operation: Unlock
Selected model: SM-J320AZ
Software version: 26.9

Searching Samsung modem... detected COM14
Reading phone info... OK
Model: SM-J320AZ
AP version: J320AZTUU1APD1
CSC version: J320AZAIO1APD1
CP version: J320AZTUU1APD1
Product code: SM2J320AZWZAIO
Phone SN: R28H408EBTL
Unique number: CQ300B02AD31633
Reading IMEI... OK
IMEI: 356519070967830 (SIGN: OK)
Reading data from phone... OK
Unlocking... OK
Rebooting phone... OK
Unlock done

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.26.9

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